Mesh & Braiding

Made it to the PO this morning, to pick up the mesh i’d ordered: Its ‘Flyscreen’ Mesh, nice and fine, perfect for covering the fans, and openings, while still allowing airflow around the rest of the box. Also, I found some nice silver braid in one of my boxes. I’ll be using this to braid […]

Aluminium is here!

Hurrah, got home tonight to find this waiting for me on top of my mailbox: Opened it up, to be confronted with the aluminium i’d ordered off ebay earlier this week 🙂 Thats 50cm*25cm of 1mm aluminium, 33cm*25cm of 2mm, and 33cm*25cm of 3mm. The 3mm is the base plate, it will have everything mounted […]

Thinclient Update & WordPress Tip

Well, tonight i was thinking about my thinclient and remebered i had a laptop cdrom drive somewhere. After a bit of digging through boxes, i found the drive, and the adapter i bought for it to fix it to the IDE bus 😀 So thats that sorted, now i dont have to buy a small […]

New Toys!

I diddnt post about these right away, as i’ve been playing with them getting the setup right. My summer project will be my arcade cabinet, but until then, i’m building a thinclient which will connect to my server. So: This is my workspace, with my nice new monitor, and ¨skade¨, the machine that is becoming […]