Micromouse hardware complete

Here are some pictures of my completed micromouse chassis, along with all the boards. Everything on the chassis is mounted using velcro, for easy attachment and removal. There are 4 seperate boards that make up the control circuitry: Sensor board, containing 4 IR photoreflectors, which attaches to the main control board. The stepper driver board, […]

PSone LCD PC connection

I’ve had this puppy sat in my bits-box for a while now, just waiting for me to do something with it. Tonight I broke out the soldering iron, whipped up a 7.5v regulator circuit for it, and attached a composite lead. Linked it up to my Powerbook, Et voila! A working 5″ LCD Unit, not […]

The Orb

Ho…. Ly…. Shit!A simple ring of clear plastic, rotating, with multicolour LEDs around the rim, and you get a spherical display… I’m thinking all you’d need to do would be to use a disc instead of a ring, and have multiple layers of LEDs, and voila, A basic holographic display 🙂