Wiimote connected to linux

So, I’ve been playing around recently with trying to set up bluetooth on wrecs so i can connect a wiimote to it. I finally got it working using libwiimote parag0n@wrecs:$ ./test1 00:19:1D:83:A5:89 test1 – libwiimote test application A – Enable accelerometer B – Enable ir-sensor 1 – Enable rumble + – Increment leds – – […]

Wrecs Update

It just occurred to me that i have no pictures of wrecs on here since… well… forever… anyway, here are some recent pictures (about a month old). The only differences between then and now is that he now has a 10.4″ LCD screen on top, which will be activated when there is a person within […]

Rooter’s Sensor board, v2.0

I’ve been having some major trouble with my sensors lately on rooter, which has been holding me up for about 2 weeks. This week i decided to spend as much time as possible trying to get them to work, and eventually worked out why v1.0 wasn’t working… The IR LEDs were in the wrong way […]