R1v2 – Rooter Version 2 – Worklog part 4

I’ve just managed to get the sensors working in r1v2, thought it was time to update the worklog. Sensors outputting: Sensor input: Sensor1 (front left): 49 Sensor2 (front right): 27 Sensor3 (left) : 25 Sensor4 (right): 26 Unfortunately, the sensor input doesnt seem too useful at the moment, as i’m getting either a lot of […]


Woooooooo So, i graduated! Bob Clough BSc (hons) Also, my new mug arrived: I dont know which i’m more excited about.

R1v2 – Rooter Version 2 – Worklog part 3

Today i managed to get the motors on R1v2 working properly. I also added a second LED, and wired up the rest of the header for the sensors. Here is a short video of it running the motors on opposite directions. Tonight I’m looking at getting them working with timers and interrupts, reusing the code […]

R1v2 – Rooter Version 2 – Worklog part 2

Today i finished the board for R1v2. I added two status LEDs to the power lines, one for 5v and one for 3.3v. Also, i added the header for ICP, a RS232 header, a pair of switches, the header for the sensor board, a uC controlled LED and a hex input switch. After the hardware […]

R1v2 – Rooter Version 2 – Worklog part 1

Due to some last-minute hacking trying to fix rooter’s boards the day before my dissertation demo, and some really really bad connections in between the different boards, I’m now rebuilding and replacing most of the boards. I have decided to keep the regulator board and possibly the sensor board, but everything else on v2 is […]