House – Stairs

The Stairs – You use them to get from one floor of the house to the other. Before More of the delightful patterned carpet. And nicotine-stained walls 🙁 After Nice coat of paint , a new carpet, a bit of wallpaper, and removing all old person banisters, and we have a nice new set of […]

House – My Bedroom

Here is the most important room of the house, the place I sleep! Before: That woodwork used to be white, a smoker lived here for a long time 🙁 Note the delightful curtains. What you can’t see in these pictures is all the ash in the fireplace, someone had been using it recntly, even though […]

House – Lounge

So, the lounge is now mostly finished, time for some before and after shots! Before: The carpet smelled of cat pee 🙁 Note the delightful nicotine stain on the wall where there used to be a dresser. I’m still not sure why i bought the house looking like this! After: Still need to hang that […]

Wiimote head tracking.

I’m not sure why it is, but even though i know exactly how it works, the contents of this video terrify me. Hopefully i’ll be able to have a play with this stuff myself once i have some free time.


Phew, back online, after the server crashed horribly last weekend!  Good job i could get enough access to log in and grab a swift backup before it stopped booting completely. In other news, doing up a house takes AGES!  I don’t think I’ve had a weekend or an evening for a month now! I’ll be […]