R2 Project Log – Soldering complete!

I have finished soldering up r2, and have temporarily put him onto a microrobotics gearbox, until i can get round to making his custom aluminium motor mount / odometry harness, to get him as low as possible. Now to write some software PWM code to get the motors running.

R2 Project Log – It’s Alive!

I spent Thursday & Friday evenings wiring up enough of the board to flash some LEDs, then set out to program it… Without success 🙁 After ripping apart the board, replacing the uC, and checking every single connection with a 10x Loupe, i turned to google, and found that the atmega128 is programmed differently to […]

R2 Project Log – Partially Assembled

After waiting for some new parts to arrive ( 1206 resistors dont fit on 0805 pads :/ )  I’ve sat down to do some assembly tonight.  Hopefully i’ll  manage to get it lighting those LEDs this week.

R2 Project Log – Boards are here!

Got into work this morning after two weeks sunning myself in Menorca to find my boards have arrived! I’ll have to make a start at populating them tonight, see if i can’t get it flashing some lights or something for UKMM 08!