Reprap Huxley Build – cheaper parts!

It turns out the BOM i was using from the Reprap Huxley page isnt complete, and i needed to buy some M3 hex-head machine screws in 30m, 20mm, and 12mm lengths. I went to RS, where i had gotten my other hardware from, and priced them up… and just about had a heart attack!  £50 […]

Reprap Huxley Build Log – Parts #1

After checking my reprap fund, and finding out I had reached my £500 target seemingly without noticing it (!) I’ve started collecting parts to build a reprap Version 3 (Huxley). I chose the Huxley due to the fact it is portabie, while still having a pretty big build area ~(150mm x 150mm x 75mm) I’m […]