A little update…

Well, so whats been going on with me lately?

Well, mainly the usual eat, sleep, work, repeat cycle, but with some fun bits in between.

GPH (the makers of the GP2x) have dumped the company who was making the firmware for the 2x, who had been holding back progress on all fronts, and hired their own coders! This, coupled with their acceptance of the homebrew & development communities is great, and they’re already working on replacing some of the worse bits of the gp2x code with new ideas 😀

So, last week a thread was posted on gp32x, the biggest English-speaking gp2x forum, with a call to design a new interface for the gp2x’s main menu, after reading through the thread, i took a couple of the better ideas, and gave them a bit of photoshop flair!





Other things… well, i’ve started work on a new robot, nicknamed spybot for now, until i can think of a better name! Its a tracked robot, with a servo-adjusted wireless camera, and is still very much in the design / prototyping stage!