Aluminium is here!

Hurrah, got home tonight to find this waiting for me on top of my mailbox:


Opened it up, to be confronted with the aluminium i’d ordered off ebay earlier this week 🙂



Thats 50cm*25cm of 1mm aluminium, 33cm*25cm of 2mm, and 33cm*25cm of 3mm. The 3mm is the base plate, it will have everything mounted to it, and be the plate that fixes to the wallmount bolts on the back of the monitor.

Today i bought a 120mm fan, thatll be mounted in the back panel, covered in mesh, and undervolted to make the machine as silent as possible. So once that and the mesh arrives, iĺl be able to start!

I’ve found a verson of sketchup for osx, so i’ll soon have some sketches of the plans for the case. All i’m left wishing is that i’d got the CF – IDE adaptor with the male plug on it, instead of the socketed one, as it sits about 8cm tall when fixed to the motherboard. If anyone sees one of these for cheap, or knows where i can get a short IDE extension cable, please tell me!