Anatomy of a Scam: the tale of the £40 3D printer.

When i saw this, I thought “£40 for a 3d printer?  Including UPS shipping? This is too good to be true!” Though thinking about it a bit more, I couldn’t think of any way they could get away with the money.  Aliexpress offers full buyer protection if you buy through alipay, and money is held […]

Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 3

The next thing on my ToDo list is to get the frame painted.  I begun this by using a flappy-disc angle grinder attachment to sand back all of the shipping grease, fingerprints, welding flux, and rust that had accrued on the frame over the past week.  These things are AMAZING, I used an entire one […]

Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 2

My task for this week is to finish off the frame, and get it cleaned and painted with something. The frame is mainly there to hold the motors, batteries, and a club maté crate. Day one began with preparing a cut list, and using my Evolution RAGE saw to chop a LOAD of 20mm box section […]

Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 1

As our project for EMFCamp 2014 (August 29th – 31st near Bletchley), Jim and I have decided to build a robotic butler to bring us drinks and generally bounce around the field getting in the way. I started off by spending some time CADing up a model using parts we have lying around, and also things […]

Slides from Raspberry Jam Manchester

I have been asked for th slides from the presentaion I gave at Raspberry Jam Manchester this past sunday, so here they are! PDF Format OpenOffice ODP Format Original source material for the Direct Python ID section was originally posted by Matt Lloyd at and  The Slice of Pi addon boarrd is available from […]

R3volution – Time for a fresh start

Well, r2 made it into a maze!  then crashed into the walls of that maze over… and over… and over… anyway, it diddnt work, and looks unlikely to work in the near or far future. So i’ve spent some time fiddling with my CAD software, and now have a basic design ready to announce R3volution, […]

Reprap Huxley Build – cheaper parts!

It turns out the BOM i was using from the Reprap Huxley page isnt complete, and i needed to buy some M3 hex-head machine screws in 30m, 20mm, and 12mm lengths. I went to RS, where i had gotten my other hardware from, and priced them up… and just about had a heart attack!  £50 […]

Reprap Huxley Build Log – Parts #1

After checking my reprap fund, and finding out I had reached my £500 target seemingly without noticing it (!) I’ve started collecting parts to build a reprap Version 3 (Huxley). I chose the Huxley due to the fact it is portabie, while still having a pretty big build area ~(150mm x 150mm x 75mm) I’m […]