OpenBench Logic Sniffer Case building

Today I went to FabLab Manchester with one mission, to create a case for my OpenBench Logic Sniffer, an awesome little device from dangerous prototypes and the gadget factory, which ships as a bare PCB. I started off by measuring the OBLS (93mm x 48mm), and making a test box 5mm wider than it in […]

R2 Project Log – Motors

After a minor slip up with a probe killed my primary R2 bot (shorted VBATT to 5VCC, bye bye processor and drive chips) I’ve tonight soldered up another of my spare R2 boards to take over the mantle. And the motor drive code i was debugging at the time works! Tomorrow, i add a battery […]

R2 Project Log – External Interrupts

I’ve done some playing, and worked out how to turn on the external interrupts on the atmega128 I am using for R2. Code: Changing Trigger Mode: By default, the interrupt triggers when the pin is brought low. If we want to change this behavior, we need to poke at the External Interrupt Control Registers, EICRA […]

R2 Project Log – Battery Monitor Circuit

After playing with R2’s circuit, I realized I had left no ADC ports for monitoring my battery!  As it is a LiPo battery, it needs a low-voltage cutoff at 6v, or it will not be chargeable again.  I built a simple circuit with an attiny13 and a potential divider, which will trigger an interrupt on […]

R1v2 – Rooter Version 2 – Worklog part 5

So, it was time for RoboTIC 07, and… I’d done nothing with R1v2 since June! Since the only huge hardware problem i’d been having was with the sensor board, I decided it was time to rebuild it from scratch, and move to a more technologically advanced sensor, so… i shamelessly copied from Min4A, one of […]

EeeeeeEEEEeeeeeee PeeeeeCeeeee

I’ve been looking for a while now for a small, light, cheap laptop that i could convert into a solid state machine by way of a compactflash – IDE adapter. After wading through countless ebay auctions of 300mhz machines for £200, I had basically given up… Until Sunday. You see, on Sunday, someone mentioned the […]

Multi Touch Touchscreen

Wow! This thing is fantastic! Just thinking of the UI impovements that would be made if everyone had one of these… make a specialised input for a game, huge WASD buttons, buttons labelled with what they do… Just wow!

Thinclient Update & WordPress Tip

Well, tonight i was thinking about my thinclient and remebered i had a laptop cdrom drive somewhere. After a bit of digging through boxes, i found the drive, and the adapter i bought for it to fix it to the IDE bus 😀 So thats that sorted, now i dont have to buy a small […]


Had a bit of fun today, trying to pick out only singleton entries from a database table, finding the lowest unique bid for the reverse auction app i’m doing at work. this is what i came up with: