After much deliberation, i finally pushed the button last week and bought a laser cutter! Hooray!

Its a DC-K40III [eBay], which you might know as the Rabbit HX40a, Omnisign Pro 200, or ‘cheap generic eBay chinese 40W laser cutter’.

Of course, being cheap, it has its problems. The first of which will be familiar to anybody who has used a chinese laser cutter before, the dreaded MoshiDraw. This is the software that drives these machines, and can best be described as FUCKING AWFUL. To remedy this issue, I am planning on replacing the Laser’s mainboard with a LAOS board from This board is a ground-up replacement board , designed for entirely this application.

LAOS Features

  • Based around an MBed LPC1768 Microcontroller, a 90mHz ARM chip with 32k of Memory.
  • Ethernet controlled – no need to be on a single PC
  • Printer Driver – LAOS uses CUPS, so is used as a regular printer.  The CUPS driver is cross platform, with support for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.
  • Direct printing from applications – You can print to it direct from Inkscape, so no worrying about converting to a PDF or HPGL file before printing.
  • Open Source Hardware & Software – The most important one from my point fo view, this means the hardware and software are modifiable, so new and exciting features can be added!

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  1. I too have the same laser … and also I think it’s a disaster … What do I need to replace the motherboard? can you help me? I bought the tape for marking the company thermark, but I can not use it, for I do not know how to set up the program or the machine … I tried with + or – speed and + or – power but I have not had an excellent result … have you any advice for me?

    Luca Papa

  2. Did yours came with the USB Key? I ordered from the same eBay offer you postet. But there was no USB Key included. At Least I could not find the USB Key in the terrible smelling package.

  3. Hey,

    Did you ever get the motherboard swapped out with a Laos one? I’m thinking of ordering one of these laser cutters and would want to swap it out. Already ordered the Laos PCBs! 😉

    Just wondered if you’d worked out the wiring required, or have any more details of the original motherboard pinouts.



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