Micromouse hardware complete


Here are some pictures of my completed micromouse chassis, along with all the boards.


Everything on the chassis is mounted using velcro, for easy attachment and removal.


There are 4 seperate boards that make up the control circuitry:

  • Sensor board, containing 4 IR photoreflectors, which attaches to the main control board.
  • The stepper driver board, which uses an ATTiny2313 to sequence 2 step / direction into the correct outputs to drive the motors.
  • The Power regulation board, which carries an LM1084 3.3V regulator, to drive the motors, and a LM2940CT 5V low dropout regulator, to drive the electronics.
  • The main control board, which contains an ATMega16, and controls all the running of the robot, and controls all the maze searching and running algorithms.