New Toys!

I diddnt post about these right away, as i’ve been playing with them getting the setup right. My summer project will be my arcade cabinet, but until then, i’m building a thinclient which will connect to my server. So:

This is my workspace, with my nice new monitor, and ¨skade¨, the machine that is becoming the thin client.

Currently, she’s attached to a micro-atx backplate, but i’m going to be building a custom enclosure for her as soon as the aluminium i’ve ordered from ebay arrives.

The board is a via epia 800, it has an 800 mhz processor, 512mb of RAM, and a 1GB CF card acting as the HDD. She runs Debian GNU/Linux, using the blackbox window manager. Its a nice sleek, fast WM, perfect for a slower machine such as this.