OpenBench Logic Sniffer Case building

Today I went to FabLab Manchester with one mission, to create a case for my OpenBench Logic Sniffer, an awesome little device from dangerous prototypes and the gadget factory, which ships as a bare PCB.

I started off by measuring the OBLS (93mm x 48mm), and making a test box 5mm wider than it in each direction. I added some circles for bolt holes to the corners, and cut a test piece out of cardboard out using fablab’s Epilog Laser Cutter.

This piece seemed to be the right size, so I drew up the second layer, with the middle cut out, and a 1cm wide space for the USB socket. this was printed and checked, and I proceeded to the third layer with cutouts for the header and the USB socket.

After I was happy with the measurements on this mockup case, I cut out a copy in clear acrylic:

Assembled it:

Disaster! I had given enough room for the USB plug, but not for the USB cable that plugs into it. I modified the top of the case with a cutout for the plug, and widened the USB hole to 12mm to compensate.
Cut out another copy with the modifications, and a prettier colour scheme:

Download the Laser cutter files to make your own OBLS Case