OpenBench Logic Sniffer Case building

Today I went to FabLab Manchester with one mission, to create a case for my OpenBench Logic Sniffer, an awesome little device from dangerous prototypes and the gadget factory, which ships as a bare PCB.

I started off by measuring the OBLS (93mm x 48mm), and making a test box 5mm wider than it in each direction. I added some circles for bolt holes to the corners, and cut a test piece out of cardboard out using fablab’s Epilog Laser Cutter.

This piece seemed to be the right size, so I drew up the second layer, with the middle cut out, and a 1cm wide space for the USB socket. this was printed and checked, and I proceeded to the third layer with cutouts for the header and the USB socket.

After I was happy with the measurements on this mockup case, I cut out a copy in clear acrylic:

Assembled it:

Disaster! I had given enough room for the USB plug, but not for the USB cable that plugs into it. I modified the top of the case with a cutout for the plug, and widened the USB hole to 12mm to compensate.
Cut out another copy with the modifications, and a prettier colour scheme:

Download the Laser cutter files to make your own OBLS Case

2 thoughts on “OpenBench Logic Sniffer Case building

  1. nice work, thank you! will be useful when mine arrives… after it is in stock again 🙁

    things missing in this blog entry:
    how thick should each layer be?
    the lower middle layer seems to have some inlets as seats for the board. one on the small side with the buffer inputs and one near the usb plug on the long side. why is there not a second one opposite the one near the usb?

  2. @habibi Sorry, its meant to be cut from 3mm acrylic.

    There isnt a cutout on the bottom right partially because there was stuff on the PCB in the way, and partially because it isnt needed, the one in the top right is enough to hold the PCB in place.

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