Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 3

The next thing on my ToDo list is to get the frame painted.  I begun this by using a flappy-disc angle grinder attachment to sand back all of the shipping grease, fingerprints, welding flux, and rust that had accrued on the frame over the past week.  These things are AMAZING, I used an entire one sanding back the frame, but its totally worth it.  As a side note, you have to remove the guard from your angle grinder to use these things effectively, make sure to put it back afterwards, and mind your fingers!

Once the frame was all shiny, I broke out the primer.  I used multi surface primer from wilko’s, its only a fiver a can, and one can was just enough to do 3 light coats on the entire robot.  I chose to use primer over just paint because I’ve had issues before with paint flaking off improperly prepared surfaces before, so I figured better safe than sorry.

I did 3 coats total of primer, leaving 2 hours between coats.  Then I left it overnight to dry and make sure the primer was properly set before moving onto the main paint.  For the colour coats, I chose a Royal Blue (again from wilko’s).  I applied 3-4 coats, with 4 hours between, then left it again to dry.

All I have left to do paint-wise now is apply clear-coat this week, then we can start drilling holes to mount things!

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