R3volution – Time for a fresh start

Well, r2 made it into a maze!  then crashed into the walls of that maze over… and over… and over… anyway, it diddnt work, and looks unlikely to work in the near or far future.

So i’ve spent some time fiddling with my CAD software, and now have a basic design ready to announce R3volution, my third micromouse!

Its a bit of an… unconventional design, with massive foam rubber wheels that i hope will give me a nice big contact patch, and therefore more traction on the ground.

The Gearbox is made up of 3 parts, a 3d printed ‘backbone’ and a pair of laser cut ‘plates’

They are all designed in OpenSCAD, and set up in a parametric way, so i can adjust things like the angle of the motors and the height of the base plate without having to rebuild the entire cad files from scratch.

It uses Faulhaber 1524SR motors with integrated encoders and 0.4 mod gearing, giving me a final gear ratio of 1:12.8, slightly higher than most mice (i think), but balanced out by the fact my wheels are HUGE.  The Axle for each side is a m4 bolt, mounted on mf84zz bearings and fixed to a custom wheel mounting system i’ll be making on a lathe.

Electronics to follow when i’ve finished buying parts for & building the gearbox!