Reprap Huxley Build – cheaper parts!


It turns out the BOM i was using from the Reprap Huxley page isnt complete, and i needed to buy some M3 hex-head machine screws in 30m, 20mm, and 12mm lengths.

I went to RS, where i had gotten my other hardware from, and priced them up… and just about had a heart attack!  £50 extra on bolts wasnt something i really wanted to spend, so i went back to my old love, eBay!

There are loads of sellers of nuts and bolts and associated fripperies on eBay in packs of 100+, and you can decrease your parts cost by a LOT by getting nuts, bolts, washers etc from one of them.

After some discussion on the #reprap IRC channel, i settled on eBay seller ‘boltmeup’

RS Price: £50, eBay Price: £14!

Also, i compared the stuff from RS i’ve already bought:

Item RS Price eBay Price
M3 Nuts £4.85 £2.95
M3 Washers £1.66 £1.15
M6 Nuts £8.30 £7
M6 Lock Nuts £7.34 £6.50
M6 Washers £3.03 £2.78
M6 Mudguard Washers £4.87 £3.80
£30.05 £24.18

Only a £5 saving, but add that to the £36 saving from the bolts and it comes to enough for 4 pololu driver boards!