Reprap Huxley Build Log – Parts #1


After checking my reprap fund, and finding out I had reached my £500 target seemingly without noticing it (!) I’ve started collecting parts to build a reprap Version 3 (Huxley).

I chose the Huxley due to the fact it is portabie, while still having a pretty big build area ~(150mm x 150mm x 75mm)

I’m making the base model, with some minor upgrades to parts:

  • Nophead’s Motor pulleys link
  • Nophead’s Power Resistor Heater Block link
  • Whosawhatsis Wade-Type Geared Extruder link
  • Whosawhatsis m6 pinch blocks link
  • Simplified Pololu Stepper driver electronics link

I’m currently buying parts, and recording all the costs to This Spreadsheet

Total BoM should come to around £400, leaving me some money left over to buy some ABS / PLA to print with.

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