EeeeeeEEEEeeeeeee PeeeeeCeeeee

I’ve been looking for a while now for a small, light, cheap laptop that i could convert into a solid state machine by way of a compactflash – IDE adapter. After wading through countless ebay auctions of 300mhz machines for £200, I had basically given up… Until Sunday. You see, on Sunday, someone mentioned the […]

Wiimote connected to linux

So, I’ve been playing around recently with trying to set up bluetooth on wrecs so i can connect a wiimote to it. I finally got it working using libwiimote parag0n@wrecs:$ ./test1 00:19:1D:83:A5:89 test1 – libwiimote test application A – Enable accelerometer B – Enable ir-sensor 1 – Enable rumble + – Increment leds – – […]

PSone LCD PC connection

I’ve had this puppy sat in my bits-box for a while now, just waiting for me to do something with it. Tonight I broke out the soldering iron, whipped up a 7.5v regulator circuit for it, and attached a composite lead. Linked it up to my Powerbook, Et voila! A working 5″ LCD Unit, not […]

The Orb

Ho…. Ly…. Shit!A simple ring of clear plastic, rotating, with multicolour LEDs around the rim, and you get a spherical display… I’m thinking all you’d need to do would be to use a disc instead of a ring, and have multiple layers of LEDs, and voila, A basic holographic display 🙂

Multi Touch Touchscreen

Wow! This thing is fantastic! Just thinking of the UI impovements that would be made if everyone had one of these… make a specialised input for a game, huge WASD buttons, buttons labelled with what they do… Just wow!

Logitech mx1000 under Ubuntu 6.06LTS (Dapper Drake)

Most stuff on my mx1000 worked fine from install in ubuntu, all except the forward, back & task buttons, heres how i got them working: step 1: install dependencies sudo apt-get install xorg-dev xserver-xorg-dev xbindkeys xvkbd build-essential step 2: edit /etc/udev/rules.d/01_mx1000.rules sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/01_mx1000.rules Paste in the following, then save: ACTION==”add”, KERNEL==”event*”, SUBSYSTEM==”input”, SYSFS{manufacturer}==”Logitech”, SYSFS{product}==”Logitech […]

Mesh & Braiding

Made it to the PO this morning, to pick up the mesh i’d ordered: Its ‘Flyscreen’ Mesh, nice and fine, perfect for covering the fans, and openings, while still allowing airflow around the rest of the box. Also, I found some nice silver braid in one of my boxes. I’ll be using this to braid […]

Aluminium is here!

Hurrah, got home tonight to find this waiting for me on top of my mailbox: Opened it up, to be confronted with the aluminium i’d ordered off ebay earlier this week 🙂 Thats 50cm*25cm of 1mm aluminium, 33cm*25cm of 2mm, and 33cm*25cm of 3mm. The 3mm is the base plate, it will have everything mounted […]