Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 2

My task for this week is to finish off the frame, and get it cleaned and painted with something. The frame is mainly there to hold the motors, batteries, and a club maté crate. Day one began with preparing a cut list, and using my Evolution RAGE saw to chop a LOAD of 20mm box section […]

Project: RoboButler 3000 – Part 1

As our project for EMFCamp 2014 (August 29th – 31st near Bletchley), Jim and I have decided to build a robotic butler to bring us drinks and generally bounce around the field getting in the way. I started off by spending some time CADing up a model using parts we have lying around, and also things […]

Project – Lil’ Buggers

We like to do occasional workshops at the Hackspace, so when MadLab asked us to make something ‘bug themed’ for a workshop, we jumped on it.  The first thought we had was to make up some bug-shaped PCBs with a circuit to flash LEDs, and run a soldering workshop.  When we found out the workshop was a […]

45 Minute Project – £4.10 XBMC Remote Receiver

I’m a big fan of XBMC, and have an Ouya running XBMC set up in my lounge, streaming from my NAS. I normally use XBMC remote on my phone for controlling it, but this gets annoying when the phone is on charge, or I’m using it for something else. I noticed that the majority of […]

Dealextreme: Cheap GPS modules & Buyer’s Guide

Found these the other day, may be handy for anyone doing something they want GPS assisted. I’m considering the em-411 for the quadcopter’s GPS assist (as its the only self contained unit). ET-318 EB-3531 EB-365 ET-314 EB-3631 ET-662 EM-411 Datasheets Hints for buying from DX: The prices are including shipping! If you’re getting lots […]

Speak and Spell – Keyboard Matrix

Tonight i spent some time at HAC:Manchester reverse engineering the keyboard matrix on our speak and spell, in preparation for hooking it up to an MBED.  Since nobody else has released this information (as far as i can tell), here is the pinout: pin 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 u k off a […]

OpenBench Logic Sniffer Case building

Today I went to FabLab Manchester with one mission, to create a case for my OpenBench Logic Sniffer, an awesome little device from dangerous prototypes and the gadget factory, which ships as a bare PCB. I started off by measuring the OBLS (93mm x 48mm), and making a test box 5mm wider than it in […]

r2 – Moving Day!

Finally got some time to work on r2 this weekend, and have movement! He can now move arond, and spin and stuff. Unfortunately, still need to add some odometry, not quite worked out how thats going to work yet!

Track bot.

While waiting for the last parts for r2 to arrive, I have been toying with building a bot based on… well… a toy! I bought this remote control tank off ebay last year, and took off the plastic top.  Today I stripped off the other unnecessary bits of plastic, and mounted a breadboard on top. […]

R2 Project Log – Motors

After a minor slip up with a probe killed my primary R2 bot (shorted VBATT to 5VCC, bye bye processor and drive chips) I’ve tonight soldered up another of my spare R2 boards to take over the mantle. And the motor drive code i was debugging at the time works! Tomorrow, i add a battery […]