R3volution – Time for a fresh start

Well, r2 made it into a maze!  then crashed into the walls of that maze over… and over… and over… anyway, it diddnt work, and looks unlikely to work in the near or far future. So i’ve spent some time fiddling with my CAD software, and now have a basic design ready to announce R3volution, […]

r2 – Moving Day!

Finally got some time to work on r2 this weekend, and have movement! He can now move arond, and spin and stuff. Unfortunately, still need to add some odometry, not quite worked out how thats going to work yet!

r2 update

finally got a gearbox mount that i’m happy with, just need to work out how to add odometry to it, since Plan A had two magnets close and opposite each other.  One wheel turning would turn the other!

R2 Project Log – Motors

After a minor slip up with a probe killed my primary R2 bot (shorted VBATT to 5VCC, bye bye processor and drive chips) I’ve tonight soldered up another of my spare R2 boards to take over the mantle. And the motor drive code i was debugging at the time works! Tomorrow, i add a battery […]

R2 Project Log – External Interrupts

I’ve done some playing, and worked out how to turn on the external interrupts on the atmega128 I am using for R2. Code: Changing Trigger Mode: By default, the interrupt triggers when the pin is brought low. If we want to change this behavior, we need to poke at the External Interrupt Control Registers, EICRA […]

R2 Project Log – Battery Monitor Circuit

After playing with R2’s circuit, I realized I had left no ADC ports for monitoring my battery!  As it is a LiPo battery, it needs a low-voltage cutoff at 6v, or it will not be chargeable again.  I built a simple circuit with an attiny13 and a potential divider, which will trigger an interrupt on […]

R2 Project Log – Soldering complete!

I have finished soldering up r2, and have temporarily put him onto a microrobotics gearbox, until i can get round to making his custom aluminium motor mount / odometry harness, to get him as low as possible. Now to write some software PWM code to get the motors running.

R2 Project Log – It’s Alive!

I spent Thursday & Friday evenings wiring up enough of the board to flash some LEDs, then set out to program it… Without success 🙁 After ripping apart the board, replacing the uC, and checking every single connection with a 10x Loupe, i turned to google, and found that the atmega128 is programmed differently to […]

R2 Project Log – Partially Assembled

After waiting for some new parts to arrive ( 1206 resistors dont fit on 0805 pads :/ )  I’ve sat down to do some assembly tonight.  Hopefully i’ll  manage to get it lighting those LEDs this week.

R2 Project Log – Boards are here!

Got into work this morning after two weeks sunning myself in Menorca to find my boards have arrived! I’ll have to make a start at populating them tonight, see if i can’t get it flashing some lights or something for UKMM 08!