R2 Project Log – It’s Alive!

I spent Thursday & Friday evenings wiring up enough of the board to flash some LEDs, then set out to program it… Without success After ripping apart the board, replacing the uC, and checking every single connection with a 10x Loupe, i turned to google, and found that the atmega128 is programmed differently to the […]

Watch this!

Here is my new watch, bought duty free in jamaica. Its a Seiko SKA235 Kinetic Watch, Has a sexeh window in the back to view the mechanism, and should hopefully never need a replacement battery! Heres some pics:


Woooooooo So, i graduated! Bob Clough BSc (hons) Also, my new mug arrived: I dont know which i’m more excited about.


Had a bit of fun today, trying to pick out only singleton entries from a database table, finding the lowest unique bid for the reverse auction app i’m doing at work. this is what i came up with: