R2 Project Log – It’s Alive!

I spent Thursday & Friday evenings wiring up enough of the board to flash some LEDs, then set out to program it… Without success 🙁 After ripping apart the board, replacing the uC, and checking every single connection with a 10x Loupe, i turned to google, and found that the atmega128 is programmed differently to […]

Watch this!

Here is my new watch, bought duty free in jamaica. Its a Seiko SKA235 Kinetic Watch, Has a sexeh window in the back to view the mechanism, and should hopefully never need a replacement battery! Heres some pics:


Woooooooo So, i graduated! Bob Clough BSc (hons) Also, my new mug arrived: I dont know which i’m more excited about.


Had a bit of fun today, trying to pick out only singleton entries from a database table, finding the lowest unique bid for the reverse auction app i’m doing at work. this is what i came up with: