Wiimote connected to linux

So, I’ve been playing around recently with trying to set up bluetooth on wrecs so i can connect a wiimote to it.

I finally got it working using libwiimote

parag0n@wrecs:$ ./test1 00:19:1D:83:A5:89
test1 - libwiimote test application

A    - Enable accelerometer
B    - Enable ir-sensor
1    - Enable rumble
+    - Increment leds
-    - Decrement leds
Home - Exit

Press buttons 1 and 2 on the wiimote now to connect.
BAT 70
KEYS 0000 one=0 two=0 a=0 b=0 <=0 >=0 ^=0 v=0 h=0 +=0 -=0
JOY1 joyx=128 joyy=127 x=125 y=107 z=173 keys.z=0 keys.c=0
JOY2 joyx=128 joyy=127
JOY3 joyx=125 joyy=107
AXIS x=000 y=000 z=000
TILT x=0.000 y=0.000 z=0.000
FORCE x=0.000 y=0.000 z=0.000 (sum=0.000)
IR1 x=0000 y=0000 ss=0
IR2 x=0000 y=0000 ss=0
IR3 x=0000 y=0000 ss=0
IR4 x=0000 y=0000 ss=0

Now i have this working, it’ll be a simple matter to create a remote control application for when i get the motor drivers working, and get full remote control!